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Every vehicle in Singapore must have a VRN displayed on the vehicle number plates. If you want to use a VRN of your choice, you must bid for it before registering your new vehicle. If your bid is unsuccessful , your bid amount will be refunded. Check VRN available. Submit your bid online. Check your bid results.


It is very likely that any queries you have will be answered here, so please take some time to have a read through. Should you still have any queries please contact us and we’ll be happy to help. There are essentially five styles of registration numbers assigned to road vehicles in mainland Britain today. The number of available plates for each style varies quite considerably and so naturally the diversity across each range differs for each style.

Answer your private number plate queries using this helpful questions section – Private If my vehicle is stolen and not recovered, what happens to my personal​.

This website is optimised for HTML5. If you are having any problems viewing it, please upgrade your browser to the latest version or contact our Customer Service team on for further assistance. What is plate content? Content refers to the number and letter combination on number plates, e. ABC What is deemed inappropriate or offensive content?

Plate content may be considered unsuitable if it contains inflammatory or defamatory references in any language which could be considered by a reasonable person to be inappropriate for public display. Examples would be drug or alcohol, sexual, racial or discriminatory references. If plates have been issued and are later considered to be inappropriate or offensive, the plates will be recalled. What are the types of personalisation available? There are three options for personalising your plates: Restyle – Choose a new style with your existing letters and numbers.

Personalised – Choose new letters and numbers with set combinations. Custom – Choose new letters and numbers with unlimited combinations. What are standard number plates?

Vehicle titles and plates

Please enable Javascript! This site uses Javascript for menus and many other features. Personalized and specialty plates carry additional fees. A registration renewal is not required if you are simply changing license plates on the same vehicle and the registration is not due.

our personalised number plates are at the cheapest possible price, but for some To date, this is the most expensive plate that has ever been sold by the Surprisingly not bought by a member of One Direction, but actually.

It seems that JavaScript is not working in your browser. It could be because it is not supported, or that JavaScript is intentionally disabled. Some of the features on CT. For the latest information, visit ct. Must meet all requirements of a New Registration. State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. Want to Transfer your Plates? Plates have a special meaning, or they are Vanity Plates. This will provide you with a full registration period.

Banned UK number plates: the 20-plate car registrations too rude for the road

Here at Platehunter, we are the leading supplier of cheap dateless number plates. This combined with our price match promise guarantees that you can purchase Northern Ireland dateless plates at prices you never thought were possible! We also can arrange the transfer of any number plate onto your vehicle with the process taking as little as 14 days. Get in touch now!

Wisconsin residents may receive a temporary plate at no additional charge from the Wisconsin The plate is valid for 90 days from the first date of operation.

Irish Number Plates are dateless and can be transferred onto any age of vehicle registered in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. For example, if your vehicle is registered on a 51 plate then people automatically know your vehicle was first registered in , however if it was registered with ESZ no one can tell how old your vehicle is – a good way to impress your neighbours! As we have so many, simply click on a letter below to filter for the first letter of the registration and we’ll show you what we have available.

Northern Ireland forms part of the United Kingdom, whereas the Republic of Ireland is a different country and uses a separate vehicle licensing system, using year followed with the first and last initial of the county along with the number of vehicles registered to date, e. The prefix of the Irish number plate denotes the area the registration comes from.

JIG Any Dancing Bobs needing a new number plate? DVLA Swansea will release these numbers in auctions and are therefore more expensive. Whilst we supply personalised registrations, we realise that a number of customers restore old vehicles and so are looking for a registration that would have been available at the time the vehicle was manufactured.

Use the grid below to search for either the issuing office or the registration letters and then use the matches to find the registrations we have available for sale. We’ve taken a look at our Irish registrations and identified the most popular three letter combinations below that offer great value for money and a wide choice of available numbers to give you the best registration possible.

DVLA Number Plates & Personalised Car Registrations

Find your perfect number plate using our search. Matches to names, numbers, initials Find matches to prefix plates.

Because there is no reference to the date the registration was created, it would be necessary to consult a reference book to find out when the dateless number.

Customer satisfaction rating on reviews. Enter the registration number number plate to get an instant free vehicle check on the screen. We provide free car history checks for all vehicles registered in England and Wales and Northern Ireland. Our basic car history check is great for shortlisting your vehicles and making a safe choice. Not sure about going for a full check?

Please go for a basic check and ensure the car you hope to buy ticks off the all-important checks. You could save some money plus it will act as a guide and help you to shortlist your next car. The higher the number of total previous owners the lesser value it will likely fetch. Number Plate Change History: Check whether the vehicle has a history of number plate change, including the VRM it was changed to and the date it was changed.

Colour Change: Check whether the vehicle has a history of car colour change, in which case the DVLA must be notified and your V5C registration document updated. Scrapped: To check whether the vehicle you want to purchase has been scrapped or not, we will check data from the DVLA. VIC Inspected: This check is intended to ensure that a vehicle registration certificate V5C was not issued for a stolen or cloned vehicle taking the identity of a destroyed or scrapped vehicle.

Driving You Crazy: ‘Uh, how has this driver gone this long without getting their permanent plates?’

Use our online form with a credit card payment to apply for a duplicate title, duplicate registration tabs, register your car in MN, or transfer title. Personalized plates are available with the standard plate background for passenger automobiles and pick-up trucks with up to seven characters, including spaces. The state will mail your permanent plates to you. In Minnesota, a person may display disability plates on passenger class vehicles cars, vans, pickups , self-propelled recreational vehicles RV , one-ton pickups and motorcycles.

Disability parking certificates are issued to people and institutions not vehicles that transport people with disabilities. Certificates may be used in any vehicle that is transporting a person with a disability.

Vehicles with these plates have ongoing access to High Occupancy Vehicle (​HOV) lanes and no-cost access to High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes on ​series.

Licence plate stickers that expired on or after March 1, , have an extended expiry date until further notice. We will notify you when you need to renew. Delivery ServiceOntario continues to process your online request. Renew your licence plate sticker now. Renew or replace a licence plate sticker: outside Ontario.

Replace a lost, stolen, or damaged licence plate. Your vehicle must have a valid licence plate sticker and be insured to drive legally in Ontario. The licence plate sticker renewal period varies depending on type of vehicle and choice of renewal period one or two year. You must renew your licence plate sticker in-person at ServiceOntario centre if the renewal is for a farm or heavy commercial vehicle over 3,kg kilogram.

Number Plate FAQs

M, Tu, Th, F Open a. The change is necessary to accommodate rising summer temperatures during the summer months. All Motor Vehicle branches are experiencing long wait times and encourage customers to use alternate methods for completing transactions when possible. Customers will notice physical and process changes implemented to protect both customers and staff from potential COVID exposure including:.

Lobby areas must remain at a safe capacity. Clients will first check-in at the facility and DMV staff will notify you when it is safe to enter the building.

Temporary tags expire at midnight on the date shown on the temporary tag. There is no grace or extension period offered for temporary tags. The Denver DMV.

Find out more. Only the NZ Transport Agency can cancel a vehicle’s registration if requested by the registered person or an insurance company. We may also cancel the registration without a request in some situations. Not going to use my vehicle for at least three months. If any of the above apply to you and you need to know what to do, please contact us. If the vehicle’s licence has already expired, you’ll need to pay the licensing fees from the date the licence expired up to the date of cancellation.

If road user charges RUC apply to your vehicle, you must make sure all RUC is up to date before you cancel the registration. Find out which vehicles require road user charges. If you cancel the registration for a heavy vehicle, you’ll need to provide the current hubodometer and odometer reading on your MR15 form. For a light RUC vehicle, you’ll only need to provide the odometer reading.

The agent will send your application to the Transport Agency.

myPlates FAQs

Do temp plates expire on the date or is there a grace period? Not actual plates, temp tags. Whitey, I don’t think any state allows for a month grace period. They expire at midnight on the date on the tag and the owner of the vehicle is considered in violation of the law. Now you are thinking, there must be a big fine awaiting the driver when they go to register the vehicle. Not so, according to Colorado law.

Ontario vehicle registration and license plate sticker renewals. All you need to know It represents your plate and registration expiry date. When you renew Remember, your renewal is not valid until you add the new sticker on your license plate. Don’t remove What Are The Cheapest Cars To Insure?

Go ahead and Sign in. Dateless number plates are a great way to afford an older vehicle a little dignity in its later years. Dateless, in this sense, means that the registration does not contain a year identifier, such as a suffix or prefix letter, or the numerical code used in the current vehicle registration format. Our dateless plates are categorised according to whether they were issued in Northern Ireland or in another region of the UK there are minor differences in the range of characters used , but all our dateless numbers are available for transfer to any UK vehicle in any part of the country.

To see the widest choice, make sure to look at both categories. If you were looking for a registration with 2 letters and 1 number, you would use the ‘2 x 1’ search. All rights reserved. Registered in England. Company registration number Tel: Email us. We use cookies to collect some data when you use this website so it works better and is secure.

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